Alternative Energy

 Jala’s vision is to grow the tourism and alternative energy sector of Lesotho by giving the public the opportunity to invest in Lesotho through sustainable projects.

Lesotho has various opportunities available in both the tourism and alternative energy sectors, and with proper management those opportunities can be realised and turned into income generating businesses that can contribute to the economy of Lesotho.

Jala has established a subsidiary called Jala Utilities and the current energy strategy is as follows:


Phase 1 of the project will involve buying the existing electricity utility function and to supply to stakeholders of the Afriski Resort via the same channels; i.e. bulk electricity purchase from LEC and using the existing infrastructure for distribution.


Phase 2 will include the sealing of the existing quarry at the top of Afriski Resort to create a hydro storage dam. The hydro storage will be achieved by rain water harvesting and pumping water from the lower catchment dams during low demand hours. During high demand hours the water will be released through a hydropower system supplying electricity to the existing Afriski infrastructure.


It is further envisaged for phase 3 of the project that this venture will lead to supply of electricity during peak demand period back into the LEC grid. For this possibility Jala Utilities has partnered with Noveal Switzerland to conduct a feasibility study, funded by them, to erect wind turbines at Afriski. For the last phase Ministry of Energy approval will have to be obtained.

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