The longest, highest and fastest zip line in the world. The zip line will be a total length of 3.2 kilometres but with a twist… adrenalin junkies will go down the zip line in a face down, Superman position and will reach speeds of up to 170km per hour on the first 2 kilometres of the zip line, making a U-turn around a post without stopping and continuing the last 1.2 kilometres down to the AfriSki resort.

Construction of the Zipline is nearly complete, and testing will commence soon.  A final commission date cannot be determined yet because of the unique nature of this project; all safety aspects must be addressed, including testing the system in different weather conditions.  The necessary approvals were given by Lesotho Authorities to proceed but this is certainly a first for Lesotho as well.

Jala management believes the The Bullet will be a major attraction that will boost visitor numbers in both winter- and summer periods.  It fits nicely with the ‘action adventure’ theme that is often attributed to the Afriski Mountain Resort.