Enabling Lesotho investments through sustainable and social responsible projects for the Basotho.

The Company’s vision is to grow the tourism and alternative energy sector of Lesotho by giving the Basotho people the opportunity to invest in Lesotho through sustainable projects.

Lesotho has a lot of opportunities available in both the tourism and alternative energy sectors, with proper management those opportunities can be realised and turned into income generating businesses that can contribute to the economy of Lesotho.  Jala differentiates itself from the rest of the market by giving the Basotho people the chance to be co-owners in the business of property development, property holding and property management as our initial focus.

It is the Company’s goal to attract all kinds of investors, from pension funds, companies to the small investors. All Basotho people should be able to invest and grow their investment in Jala. Jala further differentiates itself from the rest of the market by a unique combination of vision, strategy, intellectual- and physical capacity.

The company’s primary vision of being the leading property investor in Lesotho is being realised through strategically acquiring and developing land, experience in property asset management and experience in developing assets into sustainable income generating businesses.

Jala Holdings

Group Structure

Jala Holdings is the parent company of three wholly owned subsidiaries; Afriski and Leasure, Jala Investment Network and Jala Utilities.  This group structure allows for flexibility to incorporate additional subsidiaries.

Afriski and Leasure

Owner of land sub-lease agreement

Jala Investment Network

Owner of accommodation assets

Jala Utilities

Electricity reseller